Accommodation in Aalborg

Type of accommodations

• Single room with shared facilities with other students in a hall of residence. 
• Small one person flat with your own bathroom and your own kitchen. 
• Single room in an apartment/house shared by 3 to 5 students, with shared bathroom and kitchen. 
• Apartment for couples, please note we only have a few available.

Prices from DKK 2500 and goes up to DKK 4000. The average price is DKK 3200(Edited November 2013)

Apartment for couples from DKK 4600 to DKK 5500 ( Edited November 2013)

Please note; Prices does not necessary reflect the type of accommodation.

The accommodations in the center are only with shared facilities, and are mainly for degree students. All accommodations is only rented out for a period of 6 months, which is; 1st. February to the 1st August and 1st. August to the 27th February. (Edited April 2013)

The prices are listed as the monthly rent, although the payments are to be paid in two installments.

Please note; all accommodations is non-smoking.

Please note; the list with the descriptions and pictures is still under construction, and is currently not complete.