Members of Staff

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    Gitte Nørgaard Jensen

    Head of Division

  • Job functions

    • Traineeship Coordinator
    • Erasmus Coordinator (bilateral agreements)
    • Nordplus Contact Person
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    Jacques Christopher Novotny Kloster

    Academic Officer

  • Job functions

    • Student counselling on admission, credit transfer, leave, re-admission, exmatriculation
    • Guidance and information regarding AAU study programmes
    • International Coordinator for incomming exchange students (overseas)
    • NORDTEK contact person
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    Marianne Hansen

    Senior Secretary

  • Job functions

    • Grant administrator: Funding of master thesis,
    • Funding of short group travel abroad,
    • Travel scholarship,
    • AAU Internationalisation pool (Outside Europe),
    • Erasmus staff and teaching mobility
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    Mariann Simonsen

    Head of Division

  • Job functions

    • Advise and coordinate outgoing study abroad for students who are going to study abroad overseas and in the nordic countries in one or two semesters within AAU's cooperation agreements.
    • Updating/processing of bilateral cooperation agreements.
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    Mette Sæderup

    Special Consultant

  • Job functions

    • Coordinator for incoming Erasmus Mundus students, Scholarship (Erasmus Mundus, INNO+, Long Term scholarship (Cultural agreements)), Coordinator for double & joint degrees, Top Talent Denmark
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    Trine Malene Østergaard Nielsen

    Academic Officer

  • Job functions

    • Erasmus+ coordinator. Studies and traineeships in Europe.
    • Grant administrator (Erasmus+).
    • Traineeship coordinator.



Monday - Friday: 12.00 - 15.00 pm

Fredrik Bajers Vej 5, 9220 Aalborg East


Monday - friday:  12.30 -13.30 pm

For personal guidance please book an appointment.

Frederikskaj 12, 1st floor, Copenhagen SV

Contact per telephone:

Monday and thursday: 12.30 - 14.30 pm

Phone: 99 40 37 75


Monday - Friday: 10.30-12.30 pm

Phone: 99 40 76 69

Niels Bohrs Vej 8, 6700 Esbjerg



International Office
Fredrik Bajers Vej 5
DK-9220, Aalborg East

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