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COVID-19 and stays abroad


We know that having planned a semester abroad in these times is conntected to lots of quetions related to the situation with COVID-19. At International Office we are continuously working to keep you updated. At this page you can find information about intructions from the Danish Authorities and also information from Aalborg University on COVID-19 in generel.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark (MFA) updates their travel advice on a weekly basis. AAU strongly recommend you to follow these advice: Coronavirus/covid-19 (

We strongly recommend you to consider and examine the following thoroughly:

  • Study abroad: is your host institution open for exchange students (please be aware that universities may still cancel planned exchanges).
  • Project-oriented work: is your host still able to welcome you (please be aware that cancellations may still occur).
  • Can you travel to the destination?
  • Requirements of self-isolation upon arrival, a request of a negative COVID-19 test or other local restrictions to be particularly aware of before departure.
  • Can you obtain a visa? (Outside Europe)
  • Can you be fully insured 24/7? Please contact your insurance company regarding COVID-19 cover in connection with long-term stays abroad.
  • Is teaching available / is physical presence on campus possible (study abroad)? Is physical presence possible with the business / organization (project-oriented work)?
  • How is the quality and the capacity of the health authorities in your host country?
  • How is your personal health? Please contact your doctor if any doubts at all.
  • What do your relatives think? Are there any personal circumstances recommending that you stay at home? It is always recommendable to discuss such issues with people close to you.

In any case, you would have to expect an ‘unusual’ semester with restrictions to follow. Hence, it is important to think carefully about your semester abroad. Please be aware that no one knows how the COVID-19 pandemic will develop, only that things can change rapidly.

If you have decided not to go abroad in Spring semester, you must inform International Office about your decision.

You can find updates here:

If you have questions on residing in the country that you are staying in/going to, you can contact:

For general questions you can at AAU contact:

  • Head of International Office, Birgitta S. Madsen. E-mail: +45 99 40 75 04
  • International Coordinator, Kenneth Kiel Jensen (Exchanges overseas). Email: +45 99 40 96 50
  • International Coordinator, Trine Ø. Vaagholt (Exchanges within Europe). E-mail:  +45 99 40 96 56
  • International Coordinator, Gitte N. Jensen (Internships). Email: +45 99 40 75 01
  • AAU corona email:


Please note

As off 2019 it is no longer possible to apply for funding of master thesis data collection abroad.