AAU Internationalisation Pool

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    What is the AAU Internationalisation Pool?

    The funds of the AAU Internationalisation Pool are used to support enrolled students at AAU during their study or internship period abroad. A large part of the Pool’s funds is donated by Det Obelske Familiefond.

    The amount of the grants is calculated every year on the basis of the number of qualified applicants and the amount of the funding we received.

    The following students are not eligible for a grant from the Internationalisation Pool:

    • Students receiving a grant from Erasmus Mundus, Erasmus+ or the Nordplus programmes
    • Students going abroad without an exchange agreement
    • Students studying an SDC programme
    • Nor is financial support for study periods or internships in Denmark available

    In this page you can read all about how to apply and the requirements.

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    How to apply and the deadlines


    When you apply for a semester abroad (to study or do an internship) through International Office's application system you automatically apply for a grant as well - provided that you apply within the deadline.

    The deadline is 1 March for stays in the autumn semester and 1 November for stays in the spring semester.


    apply for a grant from AAU Internalisations pool


    Do remember that is it very important to apply for a grant before the deadline to be eligible. You have to apply even though you may not know all the details and have all the required documents by this time.

    For traineeships/internships: Most likely you will not know where you will be going by the deadline for the grant application, however you should not worry about that, because as soon as you know, and upload documentation, we will place your application in the right pool: Erasmus+ (stays inside Europe) or the Internationalisation pool (stays outside Europe).

    You must upload the required documentation in the system as soon as possible and NO LATER  than 1 June for the autumn stays and 1 December for the spring stays.

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    the required documentation

    The following documents must be uploaded in International Office's system by 1 June (autumn semester) and 1 December (spring semester).

    For study abroad

    • An admission letter from the host institution abroad
    • An advance credit transfer from the Study Board at AAU.

    For internships

    • An Internship contract from the company

    • Some study programmes require an advance credit transfer and then you need to submit an application to your study board. Please contact your study board if you are uncertain about if this applies to you.

    NB! You do not have to upload any documents when you first apply. You can always log in to the system again to upload documents.

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    All about the rules and regulations

    In order to meet the requirements:

    • You are enrolled as a student at Aalborg University
    • You can get credit transfer for your study or internships period abroad (i.e. it is approved as an integral part of your study programme at AAU)
    • The duration of the stay is between 3 – 12 months
    • The scholarship is not used for tuition fees
    • Your study or internship period does not take place in Denmark.
    • Applicants who have completed at least two years of their study programme are given first priority.


    International Students

    International students who are enrolled at Aalborg University as full-time students will be allocated funds on equal terms with Danish students provided that they are enrolled at AAU to pursue a Bachelor, Master’s or Diploma degree from Aalborg University.

    Funds will only be allocated to study periods or internships in the foreign student’s home country if we have sufficient funding.



    If your study period or internship abroad is cancelled or terminated before completion, Aalborg University may reclaim the scholarship.

    If you cancel, postpone or terminate your stay abroad, you must notify the International Office.

    If you do not upload documentation for the completion of your stay, the scholarship may be reclaimed, as it is likely to assume that your stay abroad has not been completed.

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    Amount and disbursement

    The amounts mentioned below are approximates and for guidance only.

    If you are going abroad for a study period of one semester’s duration, you can get approximately DKK 7,000 for stays in Europe (except for Erasmus+ stays) and approx. DKK 9,000 for stays in the rest of the world (please note that the amounts are subject for change).

    The grant will be disbursed just before you are leaving or in the beginning of the semester you are abroad, provided that you have submitted the required documentation to the International Office.

    Upon your return you must upload documentation in the online system in the form of either a copy of the transcript of records or a reference letter from the internship company/organisation confirming the completion of your internship.

    The above must be submitted no later than one month after your return. It must be apparent from the documentation how many months your stay has lasted.

    If you do not upload documentation for the completion of your stay, the scholarship may be reclaimed, as it is likely to assume that your stay abroad has not been completed.

    Remember to apply in accordance with the deadlines otherwise your application will not be considered.