Studying abroad with a partner university

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    When is it suitable to study abroad?

    It is important to carefully consider when in the course of your education you wish to integrate a study period abroad into your educational programme.

    It is recommendable that you have reached a fairly high academic level (completed 4th or 5th semester) and a certain amount of personal maturity. Some financial support schemes require that a certain academic level has been reached.

    The later semesters of your education usually have a structure (more freedom to choose between courses and specialisations) which makes it easier to obtain credit transfer. Your student counsellors and/or the study board can assist you when determining which semester(s) would be the best to go for a study period abroad.

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    Where is it possible to study abroad? Search within our exchange agreements

    Aalborg University has entered cooperation agreements with partner universities all over the world.

    There are several types of exchange agreements:

    Erasmus = agreements inside Europe

    Bilaterale =  overseas agreements

    Nord….     = agreements within the Nordic countries

    ISEP          = speciel programme in the US


    You may search for exchange agreements in our database. Please remember to search by your own study board, that way you will be searching for relevant agreements.

    Directory of exchange agreements


    It is important to keep in mind that the form of study and educational structure at Aalborg University is quite unique. As a result, you cannot expect to find the same form of study and educational structure at the foreign educational institution.

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    Find inspiration for your study abroad

    When choosing a university and study courses abroad it may be relevant to read through the evaluation reports of former students who have studied abroad. Please note that the evaluation reports are divided in two: Reports from before 2016 and reports from 2016 and forward. 


    evaluation reports from before 2016


    Evaluation reports from 2016 and forward

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    How to apply to study with one of our partner universities

    When you want to apply for a semester abroad you must submit your application to International Office's online application system. When you apply for a study place at a partner university you automatically apply for a grant as well - provided that you apply within the deadline.

    The application deadline for a grant is 1 March for stay in the autumn semester and 1 November for stays in the spring semester. It is still possible to apply for a study place after this deadline  - provided that the deadline at the partner university has not expired. You will not be able to apply for a grant though.

    Most of our exchange agreements have two available places per academic year. They are allocated on a first come first served basis. The new available places are released every year by 15 September. - for instance were the places for the academic year 2021/22 released in September 2020.


    apply for a place at one of our partner universities abroad



    After this your wish will be evaluated by IO and you can expect one of the following results with more information:

    • Approved  - you have chosen a relevant agreement and your choice has been approved by International Office. Now you can apply for an advance credit transfer at your study board. International Office will nominate you which means that we will send a message to the partner university to let them know that you will be coming as an exchange student. After this you will receive information about how to apply, the deadline etc. OR
    • Rejected - your choice of university has been rejected most likely because you have chosen an agreement which is not for your study programme or the agreement is only for either undergraduate or graduate students.

    You can only apply for one place at a time. If rejected, you can apply again.

    The following documents must be uploaded in the system by 1 June (autumn semester) and 1 December (spring semester).

    Admission letter from the host institution abroad. An advance credit transfer from the Study Board at AAU and for Erasmus+ students also an Erasmus+ Learning Agreement for Studies.

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    All about advance credit transfer

    You must apply for an advance credit transfer before you leave to study abroad.

    • Choose the study programme and/or courses that you want to follow at the foreign university in cooperation with your academic adviser.
    • Apply for advance credit transfer at your study board. This is to ensure that you will get credit transfer for your foreign stay when you return to AAU.
    • You must choose courses which adds up to a semester: 30 ECTS or equivalent. However it is a good idea to choose more courses that you actually need as it happens that a course falls through.
    • Examine if your study board has a special form which you need to fill in. If not, make your own application. In both cases remember to enclose detailed description of the courses you are going to follow.
    • Also examine if there are deadlines for applying for advance credit transfer.

    Note that credit transfer of your study activities abroad is a requirement for obtaining financial support from the various support schemes related to student exchange.

    Be aware that the approval that the study board will give is a preliminary approval, which must be finally confirmed when you return to AAU after your stay abroad.

    Therefore, any intended changes in your foreign study programme must be discussed with your academic adviser as well as your study board beforehand. This is to make sure that you will not be faced with any problems when the final approval will take place upon your return to AAU.

    After your return, you must send or hand in documentation to the study board to prove that you have followed your foreign study programme and activities as planned, and that you have fulfilled the requirements on which you have received the preliminary approval. This documentation will be issued by your host university and can vary a lot from university to university as to design and content.


    Find your study board

    Contact your study secretary in regards to the pre-approved credit transfer application process.

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    Step by step guide - how to go about when you wish to do an exchange semester

    1. Be sure which semester you are allowed to study abroad
    2. Examin AAU-agreements*. Remember to check the Note. It will show when you choose the university. See the list of agreements
    3. Enter the website for the university in question and search for courses (it is a good idea to do so in cooperation with your Study Advisor/ Professor). Choose courses which can give you a credit transfer (30 ECTS or equivalent)
    4. Search for application deadlines
    5. When you have found a university then apply for an exchange place in International Office's online system. Choose only one university.
    6. Your wish will be evaluated by International Office and you will receive a notification when your wish has been approved (if rejected, you can apply for another place)
    7. Apply for advance credit transfer at your Study Board. Please pay special attention to the deadline for applying for advance credit transfer at your study board.
    8. You will receive information on how to apply and deadlines etc. as soon as possible (if you have submitted your application early, please note that you will not get this information until the time of the stay is approaching).
    9. Make sure to follow the procedure very precisely
    10. Important: Remember to take out insurances which will fully cover your stay abroad (Both health, liabilty and accidents insurance is necessary).


    *You can apply for a university within your faculty. If the study board is listed, choose in compliance with this. You can choose between agreements within your field of study or within "non specified subject area".

    Non specified subject area = Agreements which applies for the whole university. Generally, you can choose between all the courses they offer.

    You are not supposed to pay Tuition Fee within these agreements.

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    Erasmus+ studying abroad - study with our european partners

    The Erasmus+ programme is an EU programme for students within all academic fields who wish to carry out parts of their education at another European institution of higher education.

    Aalborg University has applied for and been awarded with an Erasmus Charter for Higher Education. This makes it possible for students at Aalborg University to study abroad for free in Europe and to apply for a grant.

    Aalborg University has Erasmus+ agreements with about 350 higher education institutionens all over Europe. There are a number of special conditions and requirements for Erasmus+ stays.


    read all about Erasmus+ study abroad


Overseasand the Nordic countries

Kenneth Kiel Jensen
Phone: 9940 9650

Europe  (Erasmus+)
Trine Vaagholt
Phone: 9940 9656